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I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Machu Picchu absolutely astounded me! In the past I have always traveled “on my own” with maps and guidebook in hand, but for my first trip to South America decided a tour might be wise. A very fortunate decision! With the well-organized itinerary and wonderful guides, a one week visit was filled to the brim with fascinating sites and in depth educational opportunities. I am back at work but memories of mountains and clouds make me smile all day long.

Carol Adair, USA – Inca Heartland

Everything was absolutely wonderful about this trip. I felt spoiled the whole time. It was nice to have everything planned for me and to know that I was taken care of. I was extremely impressed with the services you provided. I would highly recommend your company to others. Thank you so much for everything.

Stacey English, USA – Inca Blitz!

Typically, not a tour-orientated traveler, I found the guides Southern Crossings provided during our journey helpful, informative, entertaining and a positive addition to our experience of Peru. There was someone waiting for us upon each arrival, domestic and international. They were easy to spot and thoughtful of our adjustment to new surroundings. The hotel in Cuzco was clean and full of the right amenities. The location was perfect, and the breakfast boasted some of the best coffee and fruit on the whole trip! Our guide in Lima was a fountain of information and had a great sense of humor as well. And Alcira is the guide of all guides! There was not a single question I had that she could not answer.

Megan Mygatt, USA – Peru Custom Tour

AWESOME! From the moment we were greeted at the airport until we were dropped off for our departure flight the trip was awesome in every way. Peru is a beautiful country. The places we visited were a delight to the eye, senses and heart. Our guides were well informed and delightful personalities. Southern Crossings gave me the best trip I have ever taken! By the end of the tour I felt like he was part of the family. Our home stay was a terrific experience. The family was warm and welcoming. It was an experience that offered me the awareness of how rich life is without all of the trimmings I feel I need. Such peace and tranquility! Next time I will know more Spanish! Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. I look forward to my next trip with Southern Crossings.

Connie Mygatt, USA – Peru Custom Tour

Southern Crossings did a wonderful job of welcoming us to Peru and arranging for our transfers, hotels, and tours. The “experience” of Peru was truly memorable and makes me want to visit again very soon. The Inca Trail was a challenging hike with sights and vistas that could not have been experienced any other way. I am truly glad that I chose this trip!

Charlene Angel, Travel Services, USA – Classic Inca Trail

Seeing endangered Andean condors soar above one’s head is definitely an awe-inspiring moment and on this trip we saw them on 3 different occasions!

Valerie Delusky, USA – Condor Express & Sun Gate Trek

This is the first package tour we have taken. Karen made our trip personal, packed in all we asked for, and kept us worry-free. Competent friendly guides met us at every stage, with tickets and any other time savers and we were whisked off to the next stage of our trip. Without Southern Crossings we would never have been able to fit in all we did, and time is our most precious commodity! It is the first time we have had a hassle-free holiday – any issues were not our concern and were resolved by Karen before they effected us – thank you!

Julie and Greg Rapley, UK – Amazon Adventure

We are very pleased with Southern Crossings. Margo answered all of our questions before we left and there were no surprises during the trek or our stay in Cusco. We enjoyed being in the Vistadome on our train trip back to Cusco. We were delighted to be offered tea and entertainment along with amazing views of Veronica and the rural areas we traveled through. Thanks for all you provided to make our experience one we will savor for many years to come.

Mary and Ray Hanson, USA – Classic Inca Trail

Everything was planned and went as it should. Southern Crossings made our anniversary special since we spent it at Machu Picchu. We highly recommend using the company. Thanks again for making our trip special.

Joe and Marilyn Holmes, USA – Custom Nazca Tour

The scenery was spectacular, and the Peruvians were very friendly. The Ruins and Rainforest was a once in a lifetime trip. We will always remember Peru with fondness.

Evan Leibner & Tami Dairiki – Ruins and Rainforest

When I visited Cusco and Machu Picchu, it appeared that I was travelling alone and I got many admiring comments that a woman of my age would be so daring, but little did these travelers know that I had a whole group of Guardian Angels supplied by Southern Crossings behind the scenes who looked after me every step of the way – met me at airports and bus depots, deposited me at the correct hotels, introduced me to guides and made sure that I never got lost. I never could have done this trip without them. Southern Crossings did everything they promised and more!

Joan Shewchun, Canada – Inca Blitz!

Our guide was the best. Friendly, knowledgeable, patient. Loved Sacsayhuaman. Actually, I loved Cuzco – would like to come back and spend more time. It was awesome. Great restaurant recommendations. SC made everything flow seamlessly. Thanks so much.

Barbara Weiss group, USA – Custom Peru Tour

Our trip was extremely enjoyable. Southern Crossing organized our trip flawlessly. I would definitely seek them out the next time I take a similar kind of trip. I can’t say enough good things about how well organized they were and how well planned our trip was. Many thanks!

Marvin Reitz, USA – Ruins and Rainforest

All the guides and the people who met us were wonderful. They were knowledgeable and it was very comforting to know you were going to be met at the airport, hotel, bus and train. They made sure you got on your plane or taxi or train or bus on time. Of all the places we went, I think I enjoyed Cusco the most. It is a beautiful city. The trip was excellent because we saw a great variety from Mountains, to Ocean to the Amazon.

Jim Huddle, USA – Splendor of Peru

The Southern Crossings staff were incredibly nice and incredibly well organized. All the transportation was clean and efficient. All the hotels were clean, and the staff was very personable. The guides were all very knowledgeable and very upbeat about their job. I’m hoping that Southern Crossings will help me with future travel in South America!

David Hospodar, USA – Peru Panorama

I would recommend Southern Crossings to anyone seeking a well-organized trip with staff members who truly care about the travel experience of their clients. I’ve traveled to Latin America a number of times, but I have never had a better experience. Thank you for a trip I will remember forever!

Beth Grunwald, USA – Nazca Express